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Free Business

  • 100 Bonus Points
  • 2x10 Froced Matrix
  • 3 Turn-key Businesses
  • Free Training
  • Wholesale Shopping

Silver Business

  • 110 Bonus Points
  • 2x10 Matrix Commissions
  • Daily Profit Share Potential
  • Free Training
  • Full Service Back Office
  • 3 Turn-Key Busin

Gold Business

  • 150 Bonus Points
  • 20% Lower Wholesale Prices
  • Higher Commissions
  • Sell Your Own Products
  • Daily Profit Share Potential
  • 3 Turn-Key Businesses
  • Free Training

Diamond Business

  • 200 Bonus Points
  • Diamond Bonus Pool
  • Higher Earning Potential
  • Full Store Customization
  • Daily Profit Share Potential
  • 3 Turn-Key Businesses
  • Free Training

About the Ads Reward Pro

Ads Rewards is a business that’s growing at a 125% growth rate as of April 27, 2018. The company focuses on providing people around the world with the opportunity to create a real income online through advertising for both their own Ads Rewards and PRO penny auction websites.

Ads Reward Pro affiliate program

Affiliates are expected to gather customers by using different marketing tactics online. Customers are usually gathered automatically because of the requirements of the list profit sharing pool. The requirements of the actual daily retail profit sharing pool are to publish 1 ad on the web and to submit Ads Rewards with proof how the job was completed. The ad that is being submitted everyday contains a hyperlink which attracts new customers towards the penny auction website. To qualify for profit sharing you should also be an upgraded member at the Silver, Gold or Diamond level & you need to have purchased at least 10 Ads Reward Pro sample bids. This company has just been the Ads Reward Pro affiliate program for three years but it is backed by several individuals that have been in business for fifteen strong years now. The CEO of Ads Reward Pro is Paul Burks an extremely successful internet marketer. Some of the other employees are as follows; Alex de Brantes, Darryl Douglas, Chris Molinari, Dan Olivares, Dama p, Roger Plyer, Chris Worely and Dawn Wright Olivares.

Recently Ads Reward Pro has also put together a very reputable regulation, compliance and tax team to ensure they stay in business for many years. Some of the members of this team are Gerald Nehra, Richard Waak, Dr. Keith Laggos, Gregory J. Caldwel, Howard Caplan, and Kevin Grimes.
This team is made of the extremely best and well respected people with this industry. & Ads Reward Pro are the the same company and both are directly tied to one another. It has been stated that Ads Reward Pro has the highest customer to affiliate ratio (25 to 1) in the Network Marketing Business Journal. This journal has been around for twenty seven years and can be found in places like Amazon, Borders, Barnes & Nobles etc. Also they have publicly announced that Ads Reward Pro currently is debt free and all commissions are being paid out of current sales revenue & holds the highest bonus pool in the direct marketing industry! This means that the company is paying affiliates with only profits and not paying off old members when new members come into the business.

To understand how this company could be making so much revenue you need to look at the Reward Pro Penny Auction website. When a new customer joins the Reward Pro website they have the opportunity to purchase either a monthly subscription or a package of Ads Reward Pro bids. These bids usually range about one dollar for one bid. When we look at an auction going off and you see an item sell for $25.00 how could Reward Pro afford to do this? The way a penny auction works is that everyone has the opportunity to both win and lose in the auction. If someone bids for a product they are technically losing $1.00. Every time someone bids the auction price goes up by one penny. Using this example lets assume that a product sells for $25.00, meaning Reward Pro has just made $2,500 because there are one hundred penny’s in the dollar. Also note that Reward Pro has these auctions going off twenty four hours out of the day seven days a week so they are bringing in tons of income.

Another important factor that should be noted is that the Ads Reward Pro affiliates are required to post at least one ad a day which helps to drive new customers & affiliates to there business. Ads Reward Pro also provides members with other methods of making income including the actual Shopping Daisy Application and also the FCS Retail Store. As of right now Ads Reward Pro has an Alexa ranking of 312 which means out of multiple millions of websites around the globe, Ads Reward Pro stands the 312 for being the most popular! This company seems to be exploding in growth and evidence is showing that it’s a legit and worthy company of going for a closer look at.

Six Way to Earn

Save Money * Make Money

1. Zap Commissions

Earn 15% on all personally referred customers retail bid pack purchases on

2. Retail Subscription Profits

Earn a 20% monthly retail profit from all personal retail sales on personally sponsored affiliate’s subscriptions.

3. Your Retail Store

Earn the difference between your wholesale discounted price and the retail price listed in your retail store. No inventory, no hassels, no ‘’garage qualifying ‘’ . Simply promote your link and earn monthly margin checks on any purchases made by your customers without any of the headaches!

4. The Retail Profit Pool

As a Premium, Qualified Affiliate who places and submits one FREE AD every day, you can earn daily awards through the AdsRewardPro Profit-share program. PLUS earn up to 20% on every VIP bid sold on your personally sponsored affiliates and up to 10% on your 2nd generation affiliates purchases (for those who qualify).

5. The Shopping Daisy

Earn affiliate commissions through the most popular affiliate shopping programs on the Internet by giving away this incredible price saving application FREE!

6. The Matrix

Earn up to $ 12.50/month on every paid subscriber in your personal 2x10 Forced-fill Matrix… and qualify to earn matching bonuses to unlimited depth… residually!

How It Works

Each night after the close of the business day (east coast USA time) the company tallies its sales and shares up to 50% of its net profits with its qualified affiliates.*

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